• Jessica McDonald

What Are Your Biggest Fears

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

When someone asks you what your biggest fears are, do you answer honestly? Do you dig down and really think about it? Do you question what the thing is that keeps you up at night? Or more likely the thing that you have buried so far down you can't even reach it anymore? Maybe you have never been asked so you've never been able to bring that question to the surface of your conscious mind. I have though. I don't know if I have been asked but I have read and experienced things that have triggered me to reflect and think upon what my biggest fears truly are.

I find myself wanting to know other people's fears. I want to ask, but I think it's a question that would certainly freak some people out, especially when I am just getting close with them. Apart of me would rather not ask than get a dishonest answer from the source of the walls keeping them guarded. But I think discussing your deep fears with others is a thing that will bring you that much closer. It can allow you to feel like you are not alone within your fears.

I'm afraid of living my life without really living. I'm afraid I am going to settle, settle for someone who I don't love, someone who doesn't support my ambition and my dreams, I am afraid I am going to settle for a career that's unfulfilling. I'm afraid one day I'm going to die and have a million wishes, regrets and what if's.

My biggest fear of all is losing the people I love the most and those who are the dearest to me. But, I can't stop that from happening, I can't predict that and I can't let that fear paralyze me. What I can do is let that fear motivate me. Motivate me to love harder, to reach further, to cherish the times we have together and never take a second for granted.

When someone asks you what your biggest fears are, do you really answer? Do you really ask yourself? Is your answer irrational things that don't touch you like spiders or snakes?

Ask yourself, and then act upon, don't hide within it. Fears are there for a reason and the reason is telling us to live harder, fuller, better and never take this life for granted. It can be taken away without a notice, and one day it will. So address and attack your fears head on.

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