• Jessica McDonald

Time For You

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

It’s so incredibly important to make time to reconnect with yourself. I find life gets so busy it becomes hard to force yourself to carve out that time. It takes self-discipline to put your phone away, get off social media, turn that Netflix show off and do what you know you need. This could be journaling, reading, going for a walk, lifting weights, laying down, listening to music, or all of the above. I always find if I’m feeling really anxious or tense and I can’t get my head on straight, putting my phone away and choosing something else to focus on is really helpful. The next time I go back to my phone I come back feeling a lot more refreshed. We owe it to ourselves to take this time. But also sometimes what we need is support and human connection, so reach for that too, lean on those you can trust and those who show you love.

When life get's too much to handle I need to take a step back. It’s important to have balance, it’s important to do things for you, it’s important to have that down time so you can hear what your heart wants and needs. You are important. Take care of yourself, but do more than just that. Live your life and bask in it, plan your dreams, work towards your goals, and never apologize for being you. Doing these things has made me feel the purest, truest joy I have ever felt in my whole life. Now experiencing so much loss and feeling life's worst form of a wake up call, my eyes have opened even more to the importance of doing what you feel your meant to do no matter how scary it may feel.

All we can do is allow ourselves to feel every emotion we need to feel, listen to our bodies, take care of ourselves, reach out, hold onto and cherish the love we have. Loss is about losing someone but it's also about love. The love you have for them, the love you shared and the feeling of despair of the love you lost.

Sometimes our emotions are so huge and overbearing we can't live in it and we need to escape it. Being surrounded by vast landscapes is a helpful break for me. Being surrounded by mountains, lakes, large forests; it makes me feel small because they are so big. It gives me perspective and sometimes it makes me feel like these problems in my life are less overbearing and more manageable.

Finding your inner peace is a constant effort of hard work and when u finally feel like you’ve got it, something will shake you off balance again, and that's just life. It's how it works but even though it's constantly shifting we need to keep trying. The hard work is worth it because you deserve the room to feel whatever it is you need to. Writing helps me understand what I'm feeling and thinking. It gives me a clearer perspective on what's going through my mind.

Give yourself a fighting chance, take care of yourself, take your time, hydrate, rest, eat, exercise but so much more along with that. Do life the way you're meant to, live to make yourself proud. Sometimes I take a step back when I'm writing this and I realize I'm not writing to tell you, I'm writing to tell me.

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