• Jessica McDonald

The Gratitude Challenge

Updated: May 8, 2020

For 30 days I challenged eleven beautiful people to practice gratitude every single day.

This challenge has taught me so much.

For the month of April we all shared our thoughts, feelings and gratitudes every single day.

We reflected on and spoke about things we are proud of, turning points in our lives, our dreams, our quarantine experiences and so much more.

Thank you to each person in this group for being so willing to be honest, vulnerable, present and totally themselves.

Live a life of intentionality. Practice gratitude and reflection with me in my next group. I will prompt and guide you every single day to dive deeper into who you are, what you love and how to live a meaningful life full of fulfillment.

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Now more than ever the world needs more gratitude.

Thank you to Pick My Brain and the CEO Maxine Cunningham for making this possible.

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