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Simple Habits

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Every morning I wake up and grab for my phone right away. I check the time, my messages and begin my endless scrolling through social media. I'm sure at least 10-20 minutes goes by before I decide to finally get out of bed. Then, with my phone in hand, I sluggishly go to the bathroom, start making my breakfast and start getting ready for my day. But at this point I feel more tired than when I awoke. Excited is the last feeling I'd use to describe my attitude towards tackling my day.

Michaela was telling me how she doesn't touch her phone (unless it's to play a song off spotify) for at least an hour after she's woken up.

This morning, I decided to try it.

Contrastingly to my regular routine, when I woke up this morning I laid in bed and just rested for a few minutes, remembered some of my dreams, then got up. I walked into the kitchen, checked the time and chatted with my family while I made my breakfast.

I resisted the urge to go on my phone right away and check social media. Instead, I thought about what I wanted to get done today. I went to my desk and did my gratitude practice in my journal and realized I was already feeling such a difference in my mood. I felt energized and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Now, here I am writing this post. I always want to write and share but I have so much trouble getting around to it and having the courage to post. Who knew as soon as I woke up is when I could feel most motivated and inspired?

Another simple habit Michaela introduce me to is simply about how we use the time we need to decompress.

Whenever I'm extremely tired or want to relax, I turn to netflix. I end up scrolling through, trying to find something that remotely appeals to me and I wind up watching something that's just okay. But I've always had the assumption that that's just what you do when your tired, you restore your energy by turning your brain off while watching a show.

Last night, instead of watching Netflix when I felt like I needed some down time, I read. I had gotten through a few chapters in a novel over the course of a couple days. But hadn't found myself really invested in the story yet.

Here I was laying in bed reading instead of watching Netflix and I thought WOW. This is a new and extremely different way to relax. I still felt like I was resting but I got to dive into such an exciting story that pulled my interest in.

When I would get up after reading for a while I felt refreshed, calm and excited. I found myself thinking about the story throughout the activities I was doing later becoming so excited to pick the book up again.

Don't get me wrong, watching Netflix can also be extremely enjoyable. But lately there is nothing that is peaking my interest, so why am I watching something I don't care about? it certainly wouldn't leave me in a better mood.

We can control our moods in the day. Our actions directly affect how we feel.

When I began making these changes, I wondered, why haven't I figured this out sooner?

But there is a difference between knowing something and actually practicing something.

Making these changes require a lot of thought and intention. But that effort is so worth the difference I feel in my mood and mindset.

I encourage you to test a daily habit you have been stuck in. Make a slight alteration and see how you feel.

Thank you Michaela for telling me about what has now become a simple routine for you but has changed the way I will live everyday.

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