• Jessica McDonald

Put Yourself Out There

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

I could talk ALL day about the importance of putting yourself out there. When it comes to literally everything. Life, friends, jobs, classes, careers, working out, asking for help. Life is a constant tread of amping ourselves up to put ourselves out there.

It's hard and scary so I say do it, put yourself out there, become uncomfortable and step out of your comfort zone. This is how you will grow and change and progress. How are any of us ever going to get towards our goals or land our absolute dream job without daring to leap and put ourselves out there. We need to be constantly putting ourselves in nerve racking, hands shaking, sweaty palms situations. Put yourself in these situations. Even though they are horrifying, they also will make your heart sing and your body glow. We have billions of fears we make up in our heads, but we can't listen to them all. If we did we wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. If we listened to those fears we will never be able to achieve greatness and discover our greatest fulfilment's of life.

Life is horrible and incredible at the same time. It's so important to push ourselves to complain less and count the reasons why we are grateful more. Everyday I watch Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis' instagram stories, because they turn the dark hole of instagram scrolling into the mind set "it's time to put my phone away and conquer the world".

I went to a free stress management workshop my university residence hosted and a fuel was lit so bright in my heart I couldn't ignore it anymore. As scary as it was I reached out and I asked the man who ran the workshop how he got to where he was and if I could sit down with him and pick his brain. Low and behold here I am (terrified) because I have a coffee meeting with a real grown adult (WITH A MASTERS DEGREE) to sit down and ask him about how he got to where he is. But this is the biggest thing I've ever done for myself and my goals and my dreams ( far). This is me taking a huge step into asking someone all the questions I secretly wonder about how I can make money doing the things that bring me tremendous joy and excitement.

I don't know what this coffee meeting has in store, but what I do know is even if it goes terribly or if I embarrass myself or get nothing out of it, I tried. I showed myself I can be fearless for split seconds and put myself out there. If we don't fail, we can't learn and grow. We must fall to feel the triumph of those leaps.

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