• Jessica McDonald

Learning How to Adult

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The mood swings are consistent. It happens so many times during the day I can’t count. I get lonely, I get anxious, I’m so dependent on my phone. But then I’ll get filled with so much joy, courage and fulfillment. It’s hard to keep track, stay on top of things, do my assignments, make myself food, leave the house, remain social. There are so many boxes to check on your basic needs to live list that the self care checklist falls short sometimes. But we have to keep it on track. It’s so important. Lately, when I get out of my room, put my workout clothes on, get in that gym and bump up that good music and get my body moving I feel inspired, fulfilled, definitely sweaty but also at peace. In the summer I had so many moments that were low I thought to myself “will I ever feel at peace again, will I feel satisfied and simply happy?” And I do, I do feel satisfied and happy and at peace but that does not mean that I don’t also feel lonely and sad and and unmotivated unsure about everything. Life is about constantly trying to balance things and it’s stressful and overwhelming. I have a million to do lists on the go that end up making me feel more overwhelmed. Adulting is hard but it’s also rewarding and amazing and I love it and hate it all at the same time. It’s liberating and fulfilling but daunting and devastating.

Listen to yourself and what your mind needs. Playing my favourite songs and moving my body in a space that’s not my room (where I am all the time) has been a mental health life saviour. Try out anything and everything. You deserve to take care of yourself.

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