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Live In The Now

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Why arrive somewhere and just look forward to when you get to leave? Sounds like wishing your life and your time away. Everyone does this at my work. People count down the minutes until they get to leave, I am definitely guilty of this, but my perception of time has changed. The fact that my job is a place where most employees just wait for the moment they can leave has made me really think about what I want my future workplace to look like. I don't want to just live for the evenings and weekends. Thousands of people dread their work day and hope for when it's over. This to me looks like hoping for most of your life to be gone. I believe there's a reason your in the place you are right now. If that means where you are isn't where you want to be, take a closer look at it. Was it because you didn't shoot for your dream career, is it because you settled for an unsatisfying job? Why weren't we taught that we really can turn our dreams into a career if we really want to. Rachel Hollis has been the very first person to teach me this at eighteen years old.

Presence in life is so important. We are either always living in the past or we are thinking for the future. I am extremely guilty of constantly living for what's next, being a person who obsessively and constantly plans. It's a great skill to have but it stops me from actually focussing on the present so much of the time. Life is so short and I really do want to treat it like it's worth living, because it is.

I listened to the Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis today with special guest David Bach. He said when doctors tell patients they have a time limit, sadly that's when people start to actually live. But you should always be treating life like this to a certain extent, what if you only had three years left. It's very important to plan for your future, especially financially speaking. But you can't hold back or think you'll get around to your dreams later. Don't count the years down until retirement, who is saying that being retired will give you the happiness you have been waiting for. Only you can give yourself that happiness, and at any point in your life you can.

Live in the present, there's many tools that can help you do it. Practice mindfulness meditation, focus on your breathing, live in the now, spark up a good conversation. Even if you truly don't want to be where you are now, imagine your greatest dreams coming true, in great detail and manifest and focus on how you will start today to get you there. Please don't wish for the time to pass by because trust me, no matter what, it always will.

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