• Jessica McDonald

Finding Like Minded People

There is nothing quite like finding people that are on the same wavelength as you. Whether it be they have a similar mindset, intentions, dreams, sense of humour or attitude. It can send you right down the path your meant to go.

When Michaela and I got to chatting at a school meeting recently, I took a step back for a moment and thought wow we are extremely similar, we need to grab coffee! We both have this excited energy for life. We want to learn and grow, and talk and reflect about it as much as humanly possible!

Michaela asked me the beautiful, profound and thought provoking question: when was the last time you felt alive?

This spurred a series of emotions swimming over me that I couldn’t yet express or put into words.

This is a question I hold to such a high degree of importance. These conversations are what give me this overwhelming feeling of “this is why I live”.

This is something I need to do every damn day. These things that make me feel alive. Reading to relax, meditating, exercising, listening more: to others, to music, ourselves and our surroundings. I need to talk to like minded people and I need to journal about all there is I feel and have felt in my day. This world is so full of so much opportunity but social media, Netflix, procrastination, it all holds us so far back from the large lengths of what we can achieve.

When I sit and reflect upon the people in my life, I connect with everyone differently. Sadie said to me recently, I get something different from every person in my life. This left me thinking and very much agreeing. No one is better or worse. Just different, in the greatest sense.

People get into a rut of thinking they need their best friend or partner to be their number one everything. Their companion for comfort, their therapist for advice, their mother for nurturing, their friend for fun. There's a reason why everything I just named had a different title or role. We connect in new and different ways with each friend we have. And this is a beautiful part about life.

There is truly nothing I love more than connecting. These conversations realign myself as to how I want to live. They bring me back to what makes me feel full, happy and content. In life I believe this is one of the most important things, love and connection.

So, finding those like minded people are extremely important. It doesn’t come easy or quickly either, I think they often come from places you wouldn’t expect. But when you find them, keep them close and express your greatest gratitude towards them.

The connection found within like minded people is strong and steady and overwhelmingly exciting to bear.

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