• Jessica McDonald

Dream, and then Dream Bigger

Why haven't I been dreaming bigger? Or dreaming at all for that matter? I got rocked off course for a while and became afraid of my dreams. Afraid that once I thought them, wrote them or spoke them that I would now need to set them into motion. Like when you finally vocalize how awful a relationship has been that your in. Once the words leave your mind you know you can't go back. You know you have to make moves to make a change now. Or your forever betraying yourself. And sometimes it's easier to sit in what is right now than shift everything for what you know is right. For what you can feel inside you is begging to come out. Let it come on now? Or push it down, save it for later?

But when we give space to our dreams we start to unconsciously work towards them. We start to imagine the shifts we could see and feel if we give weight and focus to them. And that's more terrifying than it all. Because you can't stay in the comfort of what is because you have to step into what you don't know.

Dreams aren't easy and their not supposed to be. And that's exactly the point. When you achieve something that's been on your mind and on your heart forever, the feeling of fulfillment is indescribable. Because of the amount of work and fear you've pushed through to get it. That's why we're here. We're here to push further and dig deeper. To not stay in the mundane when we can hear a calling for so much more.

If we don't give ourselves the silence, we won't give ourselves the dreams.

Put your phone in a different room and sit with you. Are you afraid of what might come up? Are you afraid of the ripple it may have? Are you aware of the feeling it could give you? Of the joy it could possess?

When I surround myself with what I want to create, I can see it. I can see my dreams.

But why am I afraid of it truly coming to reality? Of knowing it can and it will happen? Am I afraid of growth? Am I afraid of someone not loving me for all that is my growth? I'm afraid of being "too much". I'm afraid of being more than my age can handle. I'm afraid of others not seeing me as relatable or adaptable to their scenario. Do we question these thoughts and these judgements? Because no one's put them in here but me. And no one has really said them but me.

If someone doesn't love 100% of you, they don't love you. And it's not your job to live up to someone else's idealized version of you. So walk away and fall in love with you. Because if you don't fully love you, how can you hold someone to the standard to do the same for you. When that is exactly what you deserve.

So dream, and then dream even bigger. It'll just keep leading you back to you.

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