• Jessica McDonald

Creativity is Human to Human

Everyone thinks we’re always in a rush. We have to travel while we're 20, we have to own a house by 30, we have to graduate early.

There is so much I want to share on here, I end up fearing I won't share it all due to a lack of time. So I rush. But I don't want to rush to share content I love and the deep thoughts that I have.

So I'm removing all bounds I put on this space.

Human to Human is a podcast, it is a community, it is a blog. It's whatever I want it to be and wherever it takes me. It is my creativity.

I was told early on in my podcast journey that consistency is key. And in a lot of ways that may ring true. But I was treating that sentiment as the only important thing when it came to my work. I have to edit it all by Monday, I have to post by Tuesday, I have to have it done.

What is Tuesday?

It's a day. It's a day I made up in my brain that the podcast must go out on every day. Who cares what day it is?

What is more important than posting consistently, is my heart. Sharing what is in it, and when I feel it. Sharing the things I know others will resonate with. Sharing in an authentic form without constraints.

I'm still learning that I don't need to prove myself and I don't need to hustle. The "followers" will come when I am sharing what is real. I care way less about a number than I do about actually reaching an individual person.

This feels right, and this feels exciting. And the biggest thing I'm learning is to trust that and to follow that. To know that I'm the only one who truly knows what's best for me, always.

I am here because when we share our experiences - the good and the bad - we are vulnerable enough to connect on a deeper level. And in these moments, we feel more human.

This is a new chapter, with new freedom, and pure creativity. This is Human to Human.

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