• Jessica McDonald

Choosing Me

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We're all just longing. Longing to be touched, to be held, to be kissed and to be loved. We're longing to feel whole and to feel one. One with ourselves and one with each other. But we're always running. Running away from hurt and so running away from love. From embrace, from joy and from abundance.

It's all confusing and disorienting. But this is a matter of not being able to have one without the other.

Would you rather be stripped of all your armour and your safety yet feel the fullness of being embraced for you as you are. All your wounds, scares, heartaches and joys? Your dreams and desires.

Do you want this?

Or do you choose to live a life of silence, of shame, of fear and of hiding. A life of never knowing love or pain or sadness. Only loneliness. Worse off feeling nothingless. Because of your choice to never give yourself the room to feel.

We can make up our own rules. We can make up our own world. It's all our choice. And not choosing is a choice within itself. Don't lead the life of not looking within because your afraid of what you might find.

Lead life with love.

And leading it with love means anything but safe or comfortable. Leading with love means falling and aching and hurting and crying. But also rejoicing, reminiscing and truly living.

Are you choosing to live a life of really living? Of really loving? Not thinking is choosing, not looking is choosing and not listening is choosing. Do you choose to fall and choose to love? Or choose to stay in this full world by yourself? It's one or the other.

Choose wisely but not once. This is a life of continual choosing.

Choose yourself, always. What you need, when you need it. Who and how you love. When you fall and when you take a step back. When you set your boundaries and when you let go of all your rules.

We all have a choice, always. We're always changing and growing and reinventing. Choose you, your wants, your love and your happiness and continue to choose you.

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