• Jessica McDonald

Chase Uncertainty

Chase it. Chase the unknown and the uncertain. Why? Because it challenges us, pushes us and leaves us feeling more accomplished than ever before.

Ed Mylett states that times of such uncertainty in our lives are the times we feel most productive, most alive and most happy.

Despite the fear and the unknown, we have to go after all we can to live and to feel human.

These are the moments we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and give ourselves the space to see what we find.

Give yourself that opportunity, step out of your bubble, step into the unknown.

Living a life of meaning and purpose comes with doing things you have never ever done before. Being afraid of what could happen is not enough of a reason to not try. Try to find out, try to discover more of the uncertain times. Discover what could come about when moving houses, travelling somewhere new, starting a new job, creating a new instagram account, calling a new person.

You never know what you might find!!

But what Ed Mylett knows you'll find: growth, happiness and fulfillment.

So chase the uncertain and open your arms to happiness.

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